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Elie Hokayem

My talent for designing and developing websites during my studies,
lead me to pursue my passion for unique, high quality web design and development.
I have built a strong reputation as a high quality website designer developer by consistently designing
and developing websites that are simply outstanding and technically excellent.

My vision and creativity lead to success, Through the years, i look forward to be one
of the most respected website designer developer in our countries,
known to constantly push the boundaries of website creativity to its limits.

My mission is to create extraordinary things happen, Whether your project is a
straightforward or a complex one, and whether you are an individual, a small local company or a worldwide entreprise,
we can help you clarify your goals and turn your ideas into an outstanding professional projects.

We have done it before and we are confident we can do it again.
if you are interested in joining the journey with us, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending
an email at info@hokayemelias.com or info@eliehokayem.com.

Contact us for more information

E-mail : info@eliehokayem.com

phone : +961 (71) 81 77 42